LEEWAY is the no.1 sync agency in Korea and works on background music for an average of 150 works per year including TV commercials, TV series, TV shows, films, trailers, games, etc.

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"Our extensive network of partnerships with Korean broadcasters, studios, directors, producers, creators, and music supervisors allows us to effectively promote the music of our international partners across various media, including K-pop, TV ads, TV series, TV shows, films, trailers, games, and more. 

Through these sync promotions, LEEWAY not only effectively promotes our artists/labels to Korean listeners but also maximizes revenue streams such as music streaming sales and copyright fees.

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We ensure that our clients can legally use Korean music, videos, images, characters, and portrait rights in their works without any difficulties. 

Our sync clearance experts provide support with music supervision, copyright holder search and license contract execution including but not limited to, license fee negotiation.

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Netflix Paik's Spirit

Genre: Talk Show

Release Date: 2021.10.01

Cast: Paik Jong-Won

Music: 산울림 - 내 마음에 주단을 깔고

산울림 - 내 마음

장기하와 얼굴들 - 올 생각을 않네

Lim Kim – 민족요 (Entrance)

전인권 - 걷고 걷고

박재범 – Soju

강허달림 - 꼭 안아주세요

서사무엘 - Jazz In My

악당광칠 - 영정거리

노선택과 소울소스 - 닭의 목을 비틀어도

상자루 - 경북 스윙

상자루 - 3인 놀이

콜렉티브아츠 2024 - 달

오혜주 - 달아 달아!

서현일 - 중매 프로파일러

이사야 - History On Records

동양고주파 - 샘

해금살롱 - 숲 속의 빨간 구두

퓨전극단 비단 - 달빛의 왈츠

김현식 - 비처럼 음악처럼

빈지노 - I Don’t Mind

스텔라장 – Colors


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