LEEWAY is the no.1 sync agency in Korea and works on background music for an average of 150 works per year including TV commercials, TV series, TV shows, films, trailers, games, etc.

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"Our extensive network of partnerships with Korean broadcasters, studios, directors, producers, creators, and music supervisors allows us to effectively promote the music of our international partners across various media, including K-pop, TV ads, TV series, TV shows, films, trailers, games, and more. 

Through these sync promotions, LEEWAY not only effectively promotes our artists/labels to Korean listeners but also maximizes revenue streams such as music streaming sales and copyright fees.

For Broadcasters, Film Studios, Music Directors & Supervisors, Sync Agencies

We ensure that our clients can legally use Korean music, videos, images, characters, and portrait rights in their works without any difficulties. 

Our sync clearance experts provide support with music supervision, copyright holder search and license contract execution including but not limited to, license fee negotiation.

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Paik's Spirit

Genre: Talk Show

Release Date: 2021.10.01

Cast: Paik Jong-Won

Music: Sanulrim - Lay Silk on my Heart

Sanulrim - My Heart

Kiha & The Faces - Not Coming

Lim Kim – Entrance

Jeon In-kwon - Walk On

Jay Park – Soju

Kang HeoDalRim - Hug Me

Samuel Seo - Jazz In My

ADG7 - Yeong Jeong Geo Ri

NST & The Soul Sauce - Dawn Is Breaking 

SANGJARU - Gyeongbuk Swing

SANGJARU - Three Players

Collective Arts 2024 - Moon

OH HYE JOO - Moon Moon

Seo Hyun Il & Min Ji Young - Matchmaker Profiler

Isaiah - History On Records


Haegeum Salon - Red Shoes in the Forest

VIDAN -  Waltz of Moonlight

Kim Hyun-sik - Like Rain, Like Music

Beenzino - I Don’t Mind

Stella Jang – Colors


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