Setting Yourself Apart In Korea Music Market: Exclusive Services That Differentiate Us From Competitors

At LEEWAY, we understand that a successful music promotion strategy requires a comprehensive approach. That's why we offer a range of services designed to help our global partners to reach their full potential in the Korean digital music market.

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Major DSPs And Their Market Share In Korea

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Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Content Industry Statistics Survey in Korea and IFPI Global Music Report 2023.

Over the past decade, LEEWAY has built solid partnerships with local DSPs that account for more than 90% of Korea's digital music market.

Based on this, we promptly release the albums of our partners on all local DSPs and develop strong promotions – “Album of The Day”, “Playlist”.

Beyond promotions in the distribution sector, LEEWAY provides unique promotional services to our partners that other distributors cannot provide, with the goal of optimizing distribution sales.

  • Sync Promotion to the Korean TV commercials/TV series/Films/Trailers/Games and more
  • BGM Promotion at Nationwide Offline Shops
  • Music Video Production Through Collaboration with Famous Local YouTube Creators and SNS Influencers
  • Publishing Administration Service

Music Platform / Playlist 

Sync Promotion

YouTube Promotion

Shop BGM Promotion

Collecting Neighboring Royalties

Publishing Admin Service

Music Platform / Playlist / YouTube Promotion

Shop BGM Promotion

Sync Promotion

YouTube Music CID

Performer & Sound Recording Neighboring Rights

Worldwide Publishing

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LEEWAY represents and distributes over 100,000 tracks provided by the major partners below.


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