Make Sure You Get the Right Royalties and Maximize Your Publishing Potential in Korea with LEEWAY

We understand that many overseas songwriters/publishers may have concerns about the proper management of their music in Korea, such as whether their works have been registered with the local societies in a timely manner and whether royalties are being accurately paid.

At LEEWAY, we provide comprehensive royalty collection service by accurately and promptly registering our global partners' works with Korean societies.

Moreover, to maximize publishing royalties, we provide exceptional and innovative promotional services that set us apart from our competitors. Our exclusive services include:

  • Pitching demos to K-pop artists/labels
  • Sync promotions for Korean TV commercials/TV series/films/trailers/games and more
  • BGM promotion at nationwide offline shops

Our distinguishable service has shown successful results, such as LEEWAY made BTS to release our partner's demo songs and placed our partner's songs as background music in BTS featured TV commercials.

With our extensive experience and comprehensive network, you can be confident that your works are in capable hands. 


LEEWAY represents and manages over 70,000 catalogs provided by the major partners below.


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